August 16, 2013
Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger Teaches Class at American Bar Association Headquarters

Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger spoke at the American Bar Association on August 15 in Chicago at a National Judicial College seminar for administrative law judges. Her talk focused on the standards of appellate review.

Justice Lanzinger has been a faculty member of the National Judicial College for more than 12 years and is teaching the group during a two-day program titled: Decision Making, Judicial Review, Evidence & Security for ALJ’s (administrative law judges).

“It is important for trial judges to remember the standards used by courts who review their decisions,”
Justice Lanzinger told the group. “Good administrative decisions will be upheld when the reasoning is clearly expressed, logical, and in accordance with the law.”

The program was presented by the Cook County Department of Administrative Hearings, the National Judicial College, and the American Bar Association’s National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary.

Now serving her second six-year term on the Supreme Court, Justice Lanzinger is the only person ever elected to every level of Ohio’s judiciary. As the 150th justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, she previously served on the Sixth District Court of Appeals for Ohio, the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas and the Toledo Municipal Court. Her varied judicial experience allows her a unique perspective of the state court system.

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